Social Programme


The Conference’s Social Programme includes three activities, carefully prepared to offer a glance of the rich Azorean gastronomy and the amazing landscapes found in São Miguel island.

Registration & Welcome Reception
2 May, Monday | 17:30-19:00

The Welcome Reception will take place at the Azoris Royal Garden Hotel the day before the Conference starts, allowing the participants to first get to know our Conference venue in a relaxed setting. Either in the charming Zen garden or the ample lounge areas the Hotel offers, it will be a great opportunity to get together with old friends and meet new people. The Conference Secretariat will open at 17:30 to receive all participants, confirm registrations and hand over the Conference kit, while drinks and appetisers will be served between 18:00 and 19:00.


Island Tour
4 May, Wednesday | 16:30-19:00

The Island Tour will depart from the Azoris Royal Garden Hotel at 16:30 towards the west side of the island. The first stop will be in the mystical Sete Cidades, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal and a place filled with legends, where it is possible to see from the Vista do Rei lookout the beautiful Green and Blue twin lakes, paired together by a bridge. The tour will proceed to the hidden Santiago lake and the breathtaking Pico do Carvão viewpoint, that provides a spectacular panoramic view across the northern and southern coasts, as well as the centre of the island. Next there will be a visit to a pineapple plantation, to learn about the different methods used to produce a fruit considered to be the best of its kind in the entire world. The last stop will be in a very special and secret place, for a taste of Azorean cheese and wines. The tour will end upon returning to the Hotel in Ponta Delgada around 19:00.


Gala Dinner
5 May, Thursday | 17:00-22:00

The tour to the Gala Dinner will depart from the Azoris Royal Garden Hotel at 17:00 towards the Furnas valley, one of the most important geosites in the archipelago, famous for its thermal pools and natural mineral springs. Located in the east side of the island inside a huge and still active volcanic crater, the Furnas lagoon offers quite a spectacle to its visitors in the form of geothermal holes called Fumarolas, that expel boiling mud and steam up in the air. Right next to them are the remarkable steaming holes, used for centuries by the local population to cook their food, like the Cozido das Furnas. It will be in the Terra Nostra Hotel that all participants will have a taste of this iconic dish, right after a welcoming cocktail that will start the evening. The dinner will end upon returning to the Hotel in Ponta Delgada around 22:00.


São Miguel island has plenty more exciting and wonderful experiences to offer. Should assistance be necessary to book additional tours in Azores, please contact Susete Correia (, our local travel partner from Viagens Abreu SA.